Selecting a PLM solution is a major decision.  Picking the right partner and setting up for a successful implementation requires a clear understanding of your needs, their product, and what you hope to achieve when the two are brought together.  Below are the critical steps involved in selecting a PLM that is the right long term match for your business.

Image by Raquel Martínez
Image by Joshua Golde


We start with a thorough evaluation of current business processes and pain points, conducting interviews with stakeholders and determining needs for the future. This step not only serves to develop clear criteria for PLM selection, but provides an opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of new technology with the entire team, which will lead to a smoother implementation and better adoption rate.


Based on your business needs we narrow the pool of providers and schedule demos.  PLMs come into these demos already briefed on your requirements and focused on the products that will provide the most value.  Guided team evaluations of each product drive the final step


Based on business needs, team feedback and budget requirements, final recommendations are compiled with clear pros and cons for each, including a breakdown of expected benefits, giving you both justification for the expense and a way to measure success after implementation.  You’ll also get tips on what to look for when negotiating a contract and best practices to prepare for the implementation phase.