When I was a recent arts college grad I found myself swept up in the late 90’s tech boom.  Initially I resisted cubicle life, but soon discovered a true love of technology and affinity for process improvement and project management. 

After 7 years managing large-scale software development projects, I transitioned into Apparel Design and went from using database-driven systems to manage every process to doing everything in Excel.  It was painful.  I adapted to managing 100+ spreadsheets every season, but I never stopped wishing for the kind of tools I'd had in the tech industry.

Things have changed a lot since I first started in Apparel.  PLM options have become much more affordable, and more providers have taken the time to really learn the Apparel space and tailor their products for all sizes of companies in the industry. But selection and implementation is time consuming and difficult, and if not done well, can lead to never seeing the full benefits of the software.

So this is a passion project of mine.  To rescue overworked teams from the tyranny of endless spreadsheets, and make sure that what replaces them is actually an improvement!

Over my years in Apparel, I’ve managed almost every aspect of the development and commercialization process.  I understand the pain points and business needs intimately.  But I also understand how database-driven systems work, what they can and can’t fix, and how to get the most out of your technology.