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I help Apparel brands find the right Product Lifecycle Management solution to grow their business.

Neutral third-party assessment, quick evaluation, clear path forward.



You know you need to upgrade your systems in order to grow and stay relevant in the market, but the range of options and the time needed to properly evaluate them is daunting. 

Maybe you’ve even started the process, but your efforts are being sidelined by other priorities and you are losing momentum.

I can help.

I have 7 years of experience building software solutions and 15 years of experience developing apparel.  My unique combination of technical know-how and deep understanding of the apparel industry allow me to quickly assess the problems, build consensus around a solution, and deliver a plan you can implement immediately.

What you get:

  • A quantitative, data-driven assessment of what type of PLM will best help your specific business

  • Transparent and uncluttered breakdown of PLM options so you can make a confident decision

  • The team buy-in you need for a successful implementation

  • An actionable plan to move forward

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